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Patient Grievances

Patient Grievance Policy

Indiana Office Based Anesthesia (IOBA) strives to provide the highest level of anesthesia care to you or your family member.  In the case you have any concerns regarding the care that you received, please refer to our grievance policy as outlined below:


1)      Any incidents should be reported to our practice manager by phone at

(317) 924-2390 or via mail to 3750 Guion Road, Suite 225, Indianapolis, IN 46222.


2)      If the incident is of a patient care nature, the practice manager will alert the anesthesiologist and seek appropriate action.


3)      If the concern is administrative in nature, the practice manager will communicate with the patient / legal guardian to discuss the appropriate action.


4)      In the unlikely case that the issues of concern cannot be remedied to the satisfaction of both parties, IOBA can seek peer arbitration through the local or state professional association if so requested by the patient / legal guardian.


5)      Patients / Legal Guardians also have the right to report unresolved grievances to the state of local professional agency in Indiana through the Indiana State Board of Dentistry via their website as provided here:

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